Gramicidin a/cscl complex, active as a dimer
Link type Probability Chain A piercings Chain B piercings
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Solomon.1 Solomon.1 51% -9B -16B -3A -10A
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Hopf.2 Hopf.2 29% -8B -4A
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Unlink Unlink 12% -7A +17A
Interpreting sequences
Chain A Sequence
Chain B Sequence
sequence length 16,16
structure length 16,16
publication title The Conducting Form of Gramicidin a is a Right-Handed Double-Stranded Double Helix.
pubmed doi rcsb
molecule tags Antibiotic
molecule keywords GRAMICIDIN A
pdb deposition date1997-09-23
LinkProt deposition date2016-08-17
Image from the rcsb pdb (www.rcsb.org)
  • This is a unique chain - no homologues found.


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